Anonymous asked: What your turn ons ?

Nice booties, when girls use lacie undies, clever girls.

reallyhardpoop asked: Would you ever go parachuting?

Yeeees, I always wanted to, my city is know for being the best place in South America for stuff like that, there’s always meeting of tourists going to free flight, paragliding and things.

acromania-intoleranz asked: I hope you have nothing against my usage of your gifs? I tagged you and named you as a source..

I still don’t like it but at least you maintain the right source and stuff, so it’s “less bad”.

Everytime you steal one of my gifs or self promo on it I pray to satan play The Sims with your soul.

Buried Alive DVD
decayovthenazarene asked: Morbid angel "where the slime live" music video

Didn’t found in a decent quality.

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry to bother, but would you consider giffing Sentenced?

No problem, you’re welcome. Later, I’m taking a nap now hahah

Anonymous asked: bw = black and white

Mostly when it’s black metal concerts, I tend to keep colors in official video. Live ones sometimes are better black and white due light stuff.

Anonymous asked: Do you make a bw metal concert gif

bw ?


Anonymous asked: More babymetal?


Long periods with no gifs is result of me don’t know what the fuck I should gif.

Metal gifs, feel free to request but don't wait having it instantly. Try reblog my things not save it and post on your blog. Have a nice day.